XIII: The Conspiracy now has a continuation. After a plot to kill the president of the USA an agent with lost memories tries to recover his life and memories. Others use him to cover up some dirty business involving high ranking officials from the CIA and the White House.

Production Company: Prodigy Pictures, Canal+
Production Designer: Ian Brock
Role: Design & Animation
Date: 2010

Hannibal - 2013 (not aired yet)
Suits - Season 1 -2011
Being Erica - 2 Episodes S2 - 2011
The Listener - 2 Episodes S1 - 2011
XIII - Season 1 - 2010
Nikita - Pilot - 2009
Aaron Stone- Season 2 - 2009
Fringe - Pilot - 2008
Flashpoint - 2 Episodes S2 - 2006

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